Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Penny Drops

Just quickly...
I knew I was not swimming hard enough and not feeling enough pain. I had a little taste of the pain I should be feeling albeit just for repeats of 25 yesterday. As the day progressed, bike in the bag and by the time I went for my 'jog' the arms were hurting...A LOT.
This morning they feel like they have been pulled out their sockets and rammed back in! I have to go swim again in a while. Do I tell Brett when he asks how I am: (in a whiney voice), "my arms hurt," OR, do I just grin and bear it??? Still undecided on this one.
More later,


David said...

I thinks your secretly hoping he reads your blog, so you won,t have to say anything!
Bruv xx
p.s. wish me luck as ma + pa are on their way down to me!

Emma said...

Yeah, I was thinking that so I was honest and told the truth. No sympathy. "There ya go. So ya gotta work harder!!!"
Good luck - hope the Sun shines ;) xxx