Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wheels For Loan?

I contacted Disco Dave (aka Emma's Easter Bunny) who is at present in the UK buying my chocolate supplies. Anyway, his old bike is now in a retirement home in Taiwan and as such no wheels. He is wisely taking his time before shedding the cash on a new bike and will first go second hand. But since he is not back until this Sunday evening and then away again the following week he is without a bike for the Fraser's weekend.
Can anybody loan Disco a bike for that weekend?? Hazarding a guess at a 51cm frame-ish. Just for the weekend remember, and if you actually want to sell it and he likes it - then we have two very happy bunnies.
I am actually putting my Scott bike up for sale but me thinks the new girly frame with vivid pink highlights may be a bit too much even for Disco!
In advance, thanks for reading. Please email me or leave a comment if you can help.

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