Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day2: Swim/Bike/JOG


Good sleep, first for a long time. Sun comes up over here rather early. I was wide awake at 6am and believe it is probably light at 5:30am!!
Rode over to the swimming pool. Now before I go ANY further. I forgot they DRIVE on the WRONG side of the road over here!!! Takes some/actually A LOT of getting used to. You know when sometimes you cross a pedestrian crossing and on the road it says ‘LOOK LEFT/RIGHT whatever. I always thought to myself ‘well of course you look left/right you don’t need to be TOLD the correct way to look – do you? YES YOU DO! I keep looking the wrong way. Can’t get used to it AT ALL. Hopefully I will survive one more day.
Anyway to the swim. Just a looksie, that’s all this was. I have not exercised for a week now. That is I have done SOD ALL, SWEET F A, ZIP, NOTHING! Arrived at the pool and some of the athletes are already assembled awaiting Doc’s instruction. Before that and while waiting for everyone to arrive (I guess this morning maybe 20guys and gals). I had the ‘privilege’ of sitting in on a ‘talking to’ to the athletes. I will say no more, he doesn’t fanny about, mince words and the instruction and theory is simple. I like simple so I think this will suit Emma just fine.
SWIM: Because I am so special OR because I am so crap. I am going to stick with the SPECIAL theory. Emma had a lane ALL to herself. Warm up 200, 25 x 10 sprints (which I did not hear and ended up doing God knows how many. 3x200 with p/buoy/paddles then a break then some more. BASICALLY the good news is: My technique ain’t half that bad. The bad news is Emma has to feel more pain and stop floating!!! Well I knew that. Thank God he didn’t see me 4months ago. So I do feel pain now, but the speed that I then started doing my 25’s with paddles at the end – I was informed GREAT STUFF. Now all you got to do is keep that up for 3.8k! See I told you it was simple. I never said it was going to be EASY though!! After the swim, I rode back and had breakfast and then the rest of the day at leisure. (I am on holiday). So at 12pm I elected to go out on George. Hot as SHIT, a one hour tourist ride with camera was dialled in. Yeah well after a few detours I made it back. I did not leave the compound area, once you leave into the ‘real Philippines you are not ‘protected’. So on one hand I am seeing life with blinkers – very cushy, but on the other hand, it is probably best at this stage – heck I made enough wrong turns today but inside Subic it doesn’t matter as there are police on every corner. So I stopped and snapped a few pictures. Took in the scenery (RHBee would be very proud). The ocean looks fabulous, very enticing, rode down to a beach named ‘Dungaree Beach’ very cool. On the way back I was gasping for a drink, I was by no means hammering my ride. I feel very unfit and still nowhere near 100%. So I stopped by that great piece of Americana entitled Starbucks to refuel with an iced latte and they also filled up my water bottles with iced water. Had lunch there too, it was gone 2pm, the tummy was rumbling and the amount of junk food places around this area is MAD – I miss my kitchen. So there you have it, it’s now nearly 4pm. I am going to pop out for a little jog down to the ocean later on – I am allowed 30minutes!
And then tomorrow more of the same I guess. Starting with a swim, a bike assessment on the turbo and run assessment on the track in the evening session.
All GOOD, more whitterings later probably because I have sooo much time on my hands!

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David said...

HI DE HI camper! Sounds more like butlins than training camp! BTW sis what is the temp of shit as I've never stuck a thermometer into one! Just so we get an idea of the temps your riding in.
Take care and enjoy
Ya bruv x x