Friday, April 17, 2009


I have heard you ALL talking about Xterra. Man you guys are wired about this event, and quite rightly so. WHY? I shall tell you. I shall also tell you why this round I won’t be participating...
For those not in the know, Xterra is the extreme version of a regular triathlon (Yeah OK I am a WUSS). They have world champs just like Kona, just last month the world Winter Xterra champs was held in Utah, United States. It’s a BIG deal. The summer world championships this year, as they are every year will be held on the gorgeous island of Maui.
So, Xterra comes to Malaysia. This is a huge feather in Malaysia’s cap. WHY? It is the FIRST Xterra event to be held in S.E ASIA! Like I said – it’s a BIG deal.
If you want to test yourself to the limits then pop over to Kuantan for the weekend of June 6th & 7th and get ready to get down and dirty! It all starts off with a 1.5k ocean swim; you then hop on your steed (mountain bike) for a quad busting 30k roller coaster through lush green jungle terrain that will take you away from the ocean. Done with that, if you are still in one piece and are ready for more, put your run legs on and take on the final 10k trail run before you cross the finish line at the inaugural Xterra Malaysia 2009!
With RM100,000 in prizes up for grabs, do you need any more convincing? Sign UP, and take Xterra Malaysia by the scruff of the neck – the challenge awaits YOU!
Okay, okay I hear you. So why am I not doing it??
Pretty simple. I am taking my races/most of them, pretty seriously these days and had already finalised my events and goals for the year. Having never ridden a mountain bike I don’t want to tempt fate and put myself out of action!! So there you have it!
Should Xterra stay on the calendar for 2010...then I may take on the challenge. But in order for that to happen we need your support! If you have a mountain bike sitting in the garage, you are already at an advantage to me. Dust it off and start pedalling!!! A great, NO an AWESOME adventure awaits!!!
For more info on Xterra check out these links to wet your appetite:

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plee said...

Funny that nobody mentions anymore that X.T.E.R.R.A. is an abbreviation of :

Twisted and
Adventure.. Got off Triathlete Magsome last yr.