Friday, April 24, 2009

Swimming Hurts Part II

When in Subic I was told in no uncertain terms that to improve my swim I have to stop floating. "Swimming Hurts", yelled out Doc. I know this and I have been feeling the hurt. But I guess not enough. I briefly chatted with Simon today and he asked why I was no longer at the Wednesday night coached swim. I explained that I don't need to. It's not that my swim is fixed, but after receiving my instruction from Doc I asked if I should continue with those cold coached Wed nights. No need he said. I was given 3 things to remember, simple things they are and they seem to be working. I have no shoulder pain from my past injury BUT my arms do want to fall off at the end of a session.
My Wednesday session this week I was in full speed flow with my paddles. It was dark. I got carried away and smacked into the end of the pool. Ya know those metal Slinky's that go down the stairs, well my back almost became a slinky!!! I was THAT FAST!!! haha.
Anyway, so Simon wanted to know what 3 things I have to do. It's different for everyone, but it's not rocket science - and I LOVE SIMPLE.
If we want to run faster we know we need to feel the HURT. If we want to bike faster we know need to feel the HURT. If you want to swim faster YOU need to feel the HURT - did you know that? The only reason it is harder than running and biking is the muscles we are using are smaller and not used as much. Now, if we all started walking around on our hands then we might all be stronger enough to bear the HURT for more than 100m!!!
Anyway, an interesting post from Doc today on the same subject can be found on the teamTBB website makes VERY interesting reading:

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