Friday, October 24, 2008

Another 2 From Borneo

I have been looking and looking for official pictures from the Borneo Marathon. Tons of people were taking snaps and I saw many taken of Randy and myself. Why can I not find any of these then is beyond me. I can't even find one of Marathon Champion, Gadget Girl Bee. BUT I did find TWO of ME! But then again, I did kinda stand out!
Comfortable (that is Randy's arm)



Anonymous said...

Snap road race foto must stand at a good place,anyway atleast u got photos,cheers !!!


Emma said...

Thats true. Shame you were not there - you truly spoil all of us with your fantastic shot taking. And we are forever grateful. If you drink beer - of course you do! You must join one of our gatherings sometime and let us repay you for all your hard word in liquid gold ;)

Anonymous said...

Aiya..I plan to go last minute for this trip,but too late for me,leave too late to approve.

Actually I am not pro lah,if u know camera,D40 is for beginner and for me I only know use all in auto mode..hehe.

If I explain to u all,u all also can snap the race photos pics like me,no need too long,just around 5 mins,believe or not.hehe ? Just need few time to pratice only.

Enjoy u all training road to IM LANGKAWI 09

cheers !!