Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ironguide Journal WK-2

With another week completed and tucked away I am now looking ahead at WK-3 as the first real test of my fitness capabilities where I shall endeavour to complete the plan with full intensity and volume (unless told otherwise). This week saw my recovery swim on Monday fail to happen. I was still in Borneo and although it was earmarked (I packed my cossie and pullbuoy), it never materialised. My brother has been visiting and I only get to see him once a year at the most so sometimes I have to stop being selfish, obsessive and anal about my training and chill. It was a great weekend with good food, fantastic company and our friend Tiger – (see I can relax).
Got back home on Tuesday and promptly plopped into the pool for a full session. The warm up was great but on starting the main set my legs promptly turned into an anchor. I persevered and elected to call the session a ‘volume’ day rather than intensity. Straight into an easy run and I was surprised at how comfortable the legs were considering the battering they had been given on Sunday and the anchor-like swim I had just finished.
With Knee still niggling and George at TBB I wisely missed the fast & furious ride AGAIN. The Wed night coached swim however went fantastically well once we were able to get in the water after yet another horrendous lightening storm. The suit really works well, enabling me to push harder whilst giving a super upper body workout. It’s tough just doing moderate sets because of the tightness on my arms so imagine how quickly fatigue sets in when Coach Peh says up the pace and sprint. At least I won’t sink though – nice and buoyant and still toasty - lovely jubly!
Back in the pool Thursday morning. This is a tough one. I get home just before 10pm on Wednesday, eat, shower and sleep, then up again to get in the pool for 7.30am. This was my first session with paddles. Never used them before because of my shoulder injury but these days it is pretty good and as strength work outs are the order – that’s what I will do. A wet evening run followed my first BIG swim on Friday morning rounded out a good 5days post ‘Borneo recovery’.
I have left weight training alone for the last two weeks while my arms have been getting used to the swim volume - they have been VERY sore. The aim is to put the sessions back in next week but reduce the sets a wee bit to hopefully prevent over stressing the shoulders (I shall post my take on weight training, something I have been doing for MANY years, in the coming week for those who are interested). The idea is to stay strong and toned (something we all wish for) but not ‘Arnold’ the weights so that they start affecting the swim improvements which so far I am VERY happy with.
As Knee was still “ish” (to coin a phrase from S.Sam) I contacted Coach Vinnie on Thursday informing him of the planned weekend ride and distance. Knowing what I was allowed to do, I wanted to make sure that it was still ok to go ahead as I had not ridden for two weeks. Email destructions were delivered Friday night informing me to go easy and only do 2hrs30min. To put this into effect and still be sociable with TTH I got in my car and drove over to the traffic lights where Simon starts to cut 40k off the distance. Didn’t like doing that but it was a VERY wise move. (The guy hasn’t even met me but he knows his stuff and thankfully I listened!) Knee let me ride but not without discomfort. The brick run brought posed no real problems but I was icing ‘Knee’ once the session was complete.
Today was Pacesetters Mizuno 10k. The race went fairly well – I may not have “hammered” it, I really can never gage how to hammer it without blowing out and having an asthma attack! But I did feel plenty of pain and sufficient bursting lungs on the hills to know I was close. I am off to Singapore with S.Sam on Tuesday so it looks like my Wednesday morning ride next week is once again going to have to be rain checked. Probably wouldn’t make it anyway, Knee needs to be checked out and I have to seriously consider whether Powerman is a viable, sensible option!
Still not counting the K’s and loving it but I have to admit the past 2wks have seen me overly indulging oneself in the other type of K’s (read Calories). So much so that perhaps I should start counting them before I revert to the Ol’ days. I wait with baited breath to start learning about nutrition and only hope that Coach Vinnie doesn’t fall off his chair with laughter on learning my addiction to chocolate. Hmmmn, maybe I should eradicate that picture of the chocolate stash my brother brought over 3weeks ago – I mean it’s nearly all gone now so I could pretend like it never happened. Denial, denial, denial – the first sign of addiction – so I am told ;)
Thanks Ironguides and teamTBB, Emma is still surviving and counting: T minus 17weeks ;)

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