Sunday, October 19, 2008

Race Report: Pacesetters Mizuno Run

(Pictures courtesy of our man Tey - many thanks once again!)
What a change from the handful of runners in Borneo last week. This morning’s race seemed to have brought every man and his dog out for a 10k with estimates of participants as much as 3200! The start line was as sea of predominantly blue running vests – the official vest for the run and a very nice one too. I will enjoy wearing it in the gym! I met friends from the gym, spin instructors, runners, and riders and of course triathletes of which we are these days, a growing brood.
I went for a 30minute warm up before the race as instructed and Gadget Girl and S.Sam accompanied me. Having just bid my brother farewell at KL Sentral I arrived in Bukit Aman just before the Piccadilly Circus rush hour and squeezed into a parking spot. Rather tearful at saying goodbye to my bruv (I hate goodbyes) I collected my thoughts before Sam arrived, followed by Bee with the shirts and race “Buttons” (you can’t call them chips can ya?).
“Start off slow-ish then hammer it” – I was told. Right O’ whatever you say. I felt ok, knee pain there but thought what the heck give it a whirl. I am not a great runner; I have improved a lot over the past year through sheer grit and perseverance. My goals for these races are to not get sidetracked into training for them but to use them to gage improvement. It proved fruitful enough; last year my time was 55min38sec, this year I brought it down to 49min20sec. Not bad for a 10k distance and also considering I have only just started a new structured program as opposed to the "Emma Bishop School of winging it and flying by the seat of your pants"! Next year let’s see if I can bring it down to 45min? BTW: According to our very own gadget girl the distance was 10.32k.
I would like to congratulate Pacesetters for once again a race that in true Pacesetters style was fantastically supported and organised with plenty of FREE refreshment at the end (This was something that was sadly lacking in Borneo – have to pay for a can of 100PLUS after running 42k – would you believe it!) AND thank you Pacesetters for introducing the long awaited addition of timing chips to your races.
TTH had a great outing and with many PB’s earned. Still waiting to find some shots of the guys - Gadget Girl ironically went off the radar!
Birthday girl and Women's Veteran Winner Hayley with Young man Cecil Sergeant Sam with a beaming smile - gotta love those hills!
Simon with a grimace...obviously not so fond of those hills!
Sexy lady Chris did Genting AGAIN the day before!
And so did KK Martin - WELL Done you mad buggars!

Li-Sar looking trim and composed


小夜@saya said...

dats fast, emma, s usual, i guess =D
congratulations on ur race 2day =D

Anonymous said...

Hayley is birthday champion also..hehe !!!

The best for her birthday's gift !!

Photo should be either ready 2nite midnight or 2moro around noon time.

Line slow ....cinya !!

Simon couple also toke part this event.

Total around 1500 plus...after edit.


LG said...

congrats emma! :)