Friday, October 17, 2008

Running in the Rain

I spend most of my time these days washing the chlorine from my hair. I might have given it the short chop but still gotta wash it after all these swim sessions. Nothing to do with this post by the way, except that I nearly had to wear flippers and goggles!
S.Sam came back from Hawaii on Wednesday night (Carmen is still enjoying her well earned R&R with friends in Japan). I got an email from Sam on Wednesday morning asking if anyone is running Thursday morning. As I am now off the radar for morning runs I told him I was unsure who was going and that I had a date with a swimming pool but would be running Thursday evening if he would like to join.
Well we all know the past couple/three weeks every evening the heavens have been throwing down bucket's of water, and I knew this would again be the case again for my Thursday night run. I informed Sam of this and said I was going whatever the weather and it's up to him if he wants to join. Sure enough we met in the car park 4.30pm and not another soul to be seen. We got out the cars and these are the words he uttered:
Sam: "You have got to be friggin mad." (I would like to note there was no "Hello Emma how are you!)
Emma: "Gotta do it."
Sam: "Well come on then lets gets this started."
It was a GREAT run. I would like to say just how well rested and tanned Sam looks and loved hearing all about the Kona experience - he has come back more motivated and inspired than ever - (not that he has ever lacked any of those qualities) and just listening to him speak of the event my stomach was doing flips and I had a grin from ear to ear (or was that a grimace from the rain pelting me in the face?). Anyway, a cool inspiring run and I am looking forward to catching up with the Ironchick Kona Carmen herself when she returns from her mammoth shopping trip in Japan!
BTW: A note to all those dry weather runners out there. "What the hell are you thinking? We sweat, we get wet, dehydrate and get very hot. It rains, you get wet BUT don't dehydrate AND stay nice and cool. PERFECT!

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Sam said...

Spot on, Emma! Yes, it was a fantastic run and it is nice to be back. More of the same please, including the rain!