Friday, October 10, 2008

The Final Countdown

Hope you haven't got bored with the vid clips, I could watch them over and over again - now that might be because I have a bad memory but I prefer to think it's because I love sense of strength, inspiration and motivation that these clips serve up. I sit at my laptop in awe, with butterflies, goosebumps (and NOoooo it's not because I have aircon ON)! and a grimace on my face that always turns into a grin when I see the elation of every finisher at the end. Anyway this last clip in the final countdown to IM Kona is short but just as sweet and if you ain't got a touch of those goosebumps yet - this one should deliver, if it doesn't your reading the wrong BLOG.

Just in case you forgot Ban Leong BIB# 1322 - GO CARMEN GO!!! All the best for a safe, steady, strong race, we are all thinking of you X.

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