Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gadget Girl Reigns Supreme!

Before I launch into this latest post let me just reiterate a snippet of what I emailed to Mon earlier today. The TTH blog is here to inspire a bit, motivate a bit and bring a smile to someones face at least once a day. Well this latest posting brought a huge smile and chuckle to my face albeit that it is at the expense of our very own dear gadget girl. SO BEE, my apologies for sharing this but I know you will see the funny side and trust that you know I am just pulling your leg. I am just jealous...if only I had as many gadgets to play with as you =)
Bee and I are going over to Borneo on the same flight this Saturday morning so I offered to drive and leave my car at the airport. We discussed last night at swimming as to what time I would pick her up and It was left that she would email me directions to her abode, not someone to do things by halves this is what I received.
Hi Emma, Here's the directions to my apartment:
1. Along Jln Lapangan Terbang (old Airport road) going towards Subang Airport, u'll see a flyover upon approaching Saujana. Just before the flyover, u'll see a signboard for Saujana & Ara Damansara. Keep left and go underneath the flyover. U'll then see a traffic light junction going to Saujana (left turn) & Ara Damansara (right turn). Just before the traffic lights, do a U-turn to the other side of Jln Lapangan Terbang Subang.
2. After U-turn, keep left.
3. Turn left at the 1st left turn off the main road (u shud see condo blocks on yr left hand side).
4. After about 65metres (or 213 feet to u ppl), turn left again into a service road leading to my condo (u shud see a miniscule orange colour signage with the word "Puncak Nusa Kelana" once u turn in).
5. After about 280metres (or 919 feet), u should come upon some concrete road barrier. Turn right & you shall see colourful hoardings on your left hand side & my condo block on the right. (my condo's called Puncak Nusa Kelana).
6. Keep going straight until u see the guard house (that's about 137m from the right turn). I shall wait for u there.
(This is the bit I love) Per my GPS, the distance between my place to LCCT is just under 60km. That means at a constant speed of 120km/h, we shud be reaching LCCT in only 30 mins. Our flight is leaving at 10.20am & I'm thinking that as long as we reach the airport by 9am, we shud be fine (btw, KK is regarded as a domestic flight, not international). That being the case, is it ok if you pick me (& my sis) up at 8.00am instead of 7.30am? Bee
BTW: As entertaining as I found this it is also very helpful and thank you Bee for taking the time to give me such acurate directions. If I don't get to your house by 0800hours something is very wrong. BUT Have you considered if I travel at a constant speed of 160km/h which I am known for doing, does that mean I can have some extra sleep and pick you up later??


小夜@saya said...

m not sure bout others but dis post sure bring a smile 2 my face & lifted my mood, thanx emma 4 sharing =D

Cheong said...

Wow 120 & 160Km/h constant? Take it easy and enjoy the journey.

All the best for your Borneo marathon. I am sure you'll do fastically well. Look forward to your post.

Randy said...

I can picture Bee complaining to the organisers when our run is shorter or longer then stated :D