Saturday, October 4, 2008

Genting Challenge

As you will have read from Emma's report, all those that took part in the Challenge had a great day even if Emma sprinted barefoot up the last 3k or so.
Just to recap, the group consisted of Randy, Simon, KK, Chris, Emma, Dave, Meng, Ngae, Bee, Terry, Lim and me. We set off as planned from the Batu Caves meeting point at soon after 7am and headed for Ulu Yam and the first drink stop. The two climbs before Ulu Yam proved to be mere pimples compared to what was coming next but these climbs warmed up the legs nicely. We all safely arrived and regrouped at the first drink stop albeit Ngae got lost somehow. Suitably refreshed and keen or anxious to take on the next part of the challenge, we all set off together for Gohtong Jaya with Ivie and Carmen in support. The section of the ride to Gohtong was a 16 to 17k climb without any real breaks and it had the effect of breaking up the group. Lim showed his climbing talent by gliding up the hill without any effort while Simon was very strong too. All the group arrived safely at the Gohtong Jaya drink stop in dribs and drabs for yet another well earned banana or gel. However, most of us did not hang around for too long since it became quite cold. So again, off we went in ones and twos to take on the last part of the Challenge, up to Genting itself.

This section of the ride is very steep and some of the switch-backs are over 15% gradient. So its easy to appreciate how this section lives up to its reputation as one of the 5 most difficiult climbs in the world. Unfortunately and being the first day of Raya, the traffic going up the hill was manic and needless to say there were some very poor driving going on. This meant we had to hug the side of the road where the slope was at its steepest. Nevertheless, we all solderied on and eventually managed to reach the top to complete the Challenge. After a quick change in KK's van, we all went down by car to Gohtong for a well earned lunch before heading back to KL. It was a fabulous day and apart from the brilliant cameraderie within the group, it was a nice feeling to know that everyone had taken on and completed the Challenge. It was a fantastic effort by everyone and something that we will repeat again for sure....but not next week

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