Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kona Carmen has Landed

Carmen has made headlines yet again this morning in the Star Newspaper. The race starts on Sunday morning 3am Malaysian time so once I have done with the marathon I will be logging onto Ironman live to check her prgress on the bike. Go to ironmanlive.com and put in her name and you should get the live tracking. I will post Carmen's race number once I have it.
Malaysian triathlete set for Hawaii challenge By NG WEI LOON (courtesy of The Star)
TRIATHLETE Carmen Leong believes that she is well prepared for her debut at the Ford Ironman World Championships at Kona in Hawaii on Oct 11. Since June, the 39-year-old nurse has been undergoing a systematic training programme, between 15 and 18 hours a week with her Team Tri Hard training buddies.
Following the training, Leong feels she is in a good shape to compete against the more illustrious triathletes in the world. “Despite going through the regimented training programme, I have not suffered any illness and I’m also injury free. I’m feeling good and ready,” she added. She has reduced the intensity two weeks before the big race.
“I covered 200km in my final long ride to Port Dickson followed by another 24km run on the day after the cycling outing. Now, I am just going through light workouts before leaving for the event” Leong said.
Leong earned a spot to feature at the event when she emerged as the top Malaysian women finisher to clinch the third spot in the women’s 35-39 years category at the Langkawi Ironman in February. She clocked 12’39:09 and crossed the finish line for the second time in the Ironman distance of a 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 42.2km run.
In her first appearance at Ironman Western Australia Triathlon in Busselton in December last year, she finished the gruelling race with a better time of 12’30.
For her upcoming Ironman in Hawaii, she is anticipating tough challenges to tackle the first discipline.
“I am not a strong swimmer and it is going to be difficult because of the mass start in deep water. The plan is to take it easy in the swimming leg. But, I have to make up in the cycling. “I am feeling confident about my ability to do well in cycling because I have adapted to the aerodynamic position after getting the correct set-up on my bicycle. “I have also done a lot of long rides as part of my build up. But the conditions on the road are also going to be tricky because of the strong headwind and crosswind.
“Hopefully, I will still be feeling strong after the ride to set a good time in the run. Running is my forte. Usually, I am very strong off the bike,” Leong said, adding that she hopes to bring down her personal best to 12’20.
Leong had raised almost RM9,000 from friends to realise her dreams of taking part in the world meet.
“It costs about RM15,000 to get to the starting line. It is fantastic that there are a lot nice people out there who are willing to help unconditionally. “My employers have been supportive in giving me time off on Saturday and Sunday to train. I want to thank them for allowing me to savour this once in a lifetime experience. “ Previously, I have only won many local meets in my age group. This is a step up because I have accomplished a personal achievement to qualify for the event. “My aim is to soak up the atmosphere and come back with good memories from the outing there. “It may be the only time that I am going to compete at the world meet because of the strict qualification criteria,” Leong said.

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