Monday, October 27, 2008

Detox RUN

It was Randy & Ivie’s – opps sorry, I mean Ivie & Randy’s long awaited wedding dinner on Saturday night. It has taken me two days to blog this stupendous evening so that should tell you how great a night it was. I have been told I was funny – wish I could remember exactly how funny, as my mind has many blanks over the course of the evening. From what I can recall though – a fantastic time was had by all. The bride looked absolutely beautiful and the groom very dashing. It was a gorgeous dinner, fuelled with plenty of drink that turned into a rather raucous after dinner party downstairs at Uncle Chili’s. (I am assured there are many pictures to follow, many of which I hope will jog my memory and hopefully not prove too embarassing!).
The VERY Happy and gorgeous couple!
The idea was to postpone the Sunday morning run to Sunday evening. Not all of us actually managed this and on waking up Sunday morning not knowing HOW I had got home I had some doubts as to whether I would be able to run. Come 5.30pm the room eventually stopped spinning and I drove down to Bukit Aman to meet the others for the usual run albeit 12hours later than normal.
Nothing else really to say on this; it wasn’t particularly nice and the return leg felt as though I was running against a brick wall. I treated it purely as a volume session to DEXTOX all the alcohol out my system. It was very humid and sweating profusely I am sure my perspiration had rather high alcohol content! Job done, I went home straight to bed with the view to start week 4 of training STRONG!

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