Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Official!

Thought I better blog something - I noticed my last waffle was Sunday!
Just got back from my Wednesday night frostbite swim and judging from the icicles hanging of Mich's and Bee's noses, tonight was rather cold. I was as usual warm as toast once I put the ruddy wetsuit on the right way round! But wouldn't it be easier to have the zip up the front anyway?? Why at the back? (please help me out here).
Oh well, a great session, got in 3.5k without any real problems except tired arms. Went to climb out and I let my ego got the better of me. Instead of gingerly taking the steps as per usual to prevent any sudden movements, I tried to hulk my body out the pool like a big lardy walrus using my arms.
I knew I could do this cos I a big strong girl! The problem is cramp. And there you have it boys and girls it's official, even with a wetsuit on it came and bit me as I tried to get out the pool. Try massaging cramp with 5mm of neoprene on - it ain't easy. Thank you to the kind gentlemen who helped me, I am sorry I didn't get his name! Am sure he had a good chuckle on my behalf anyway.

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