Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Seal Spotted in Bukit Jalil Baths

After months of freezing my butt off, cramping and breaking up my swim session to get out and go pee at least 3 times in a 2hour session due to the Arctic waters of Bukit Jalil's pool, I have at long last survived an evening free of cold, no peeing and the only cramp that raised it's ugly head was do to the struggle I had taking off the darn thing!!!
BUT IT WORKED. Having never worn one before I arrived early and lucky for me Mich was there too to help ease my svelte body (HA HA) into the sexy number. With a lot of huffing and puffing, squeezing and holding in the tum, Mich finally zipped me up and into the water (I would like to say here dived), but it is more of "plopped".
The outcome is I was as warm as toast. Can I say too warm? It worked a treat, the arms got tired towards the end as my mobility became an issue but at least I lasted the night and was able to take instruction and stand still without turning into a block of ice. I think I also provided some light comedic entertainment for the guys when getting into and out of the wettie! (All donations for the impromptu side show will be greatfully accepted).

THANK YOU KIMMIE for the loan. Not sure I will buy this one off you as it really is TIGHT. I will give it one more whirl next week and see how if ya don't mind.

BTW: There is a picture of this momentous occasion to post, I just don't have it yet - HONEST ;)

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