Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Saturday Night

Seargent Sam says:
"Here is a good photo from Saturday night. I dare you to publish it!"

Emma Says:
"What the heck! If you can't smile at oneself when in a reckless moment of bad alcohol judgement when can you? I LIKE THIS PICTURE. It proves to all of you that I CAN let my hair down, just glad the dress is still on ;)
Am sure there are plenty more of these to come and expect them to be probably worse...


Anonymous said...


U see this pic b4 ?



Keat Seong said...

Emma, this picture shows your human after all... :D

Ngae said...

Hehe: dearie you overtook me. I stop counting after 11 beers...I could not count anyway then. I had to be driven home. Recuperating the next day. Could not join the evening run which you did.

David said...

Ha Ha Lil Sis,
Taking after mother, ala any christmas

Emma said...

David BISHOP! How could you? But on second thoughts I know the Christmas you are talking about!!!!! SCARY!
Just kidding mum, Love YA x