Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Good Ol' Days

Not sure how many of you may be familiar with this little baldy character. Morph was a regular feature with Tony Hart on BBC Children's TV when I was a kid and I looked forward to his wordless babble and fights with fellow baldy Chaz. Today I am sure something would be made of the 'skin' colour of Morph & Chaz, political correctness and all that - nothing is simple anymore. We can't just watch and enjoy without reading waaaay to much into an innocent cartoon.

What prompted me to type in 'Morph' to YouTube I do not know. But on looking at this clip a little smile started form, ending in a whacking big grin. I do believe I have just found our newly WEDDED Randy Tan from a former life (if you believe in all that). I leave you to choose which one he was - wouldn't want to appear bias ;)

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