Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Buggery Wednesday

I should be tucked up in bed right now but I need to end this buggery day on some sort of positive. Up at 4.30am for the morning ride, was really looking forward to it. Monday and Tuesday were awesome training days so why should Wednesday be any different? Ah ha...shows what little I know! It went like this:
Morning ride: 30minutes nice and easy - feeling good, lah-di-dah, 30minutes moderate - here we go crank it up a wee bit. I seriously thought I was doing well, I felt like I was working moderately but in actual fact was going slower and slower. Jump to the painful reality, my time to the toll was 5minutes slower than normal - ouch! The ride back was VOLUME.
Morning run: If the ride was any gage I was NOT looking forward to my run. My tactic? Forget about the bike and start the run afresh and see how. Today my easy was painful and the hard well I probably didn't reach that for more than a minute or so. Still it was in the bag. VOLUME.
Work: Boy I am lucky work is quiet at the moment. Not good for our business but good for me. And I am pretty sure my kind, supportive considerate boss knows I did diddly squat. When I eventually got to the office I sat on the sofa (it's a home office) and curled up with my cat Jessie with the aim to get some energy and strength back for the evening swim.
Evening swim: I forgot my cap and goggles today, should have left it at that and recognised the sign. Instead I loaned the items. I did a couple of good sets but when trying to push, nothing, nought, zip, zero, diddly squat in my arms. I gave myself 3 strikes tonight - on the 3rd strike I would get out.
Strike 1: Panic attack. Getting pissed off and upset with oneself is never a good idea at the best of times especially when in water and particularly especially when you suffer with asthma!
Strike 2: Panic attack #2. Same as above - I am a slow learner :)
Strike 3: The wet suit was no longer keeping me warm my feet were blocks of ice.
8.30pm: Out Emma gets.
So what did I gain from today's torment? I am trying my best as I sit here sipping my hot milo defrosting my tootsies to come up with a positive spin on the days training. Ahhh I know.
I got through it. I am not injured. I am not sick. I have eaten well. I am just tired. Tomorrow is a new day and this was just another one of those tunnels mentioned a while back that I am going to become rather familiar with.
One more positive. The endurance is there. When you are feeling tired the idea with trying your best to just do the volume is so it is done and under the belt, and you reap a lot of self confidence from knowing that and plugging through when the chips are down. You know you can go the distance whatever is thrown at you. YOU are fit enough, it's just that being tired means you cannot go all guns a-blazing and hammer the session.
So all in all, am I bovered? Nahhh, The Ferrari will be revving her engine come Phuket, this was just one of those buggery Wednesdays.

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