Sunday, November 23, 2008

You Got Screwed

I shall end the week on a funny little anecdote although it is once again at my expense. Never mind eh, the shoulders are broad enough! On Thursday night after my run I got in the car and above the hypnotic soothing voice of Andrea Botticelli I could hear a noise coming from the rear wheel. Didn’t sound very good at all. Like all good car-minded conscientious people I ignored it and carried on driving Jazz until I gave Randy a lift home today after the run.
“That doesn’t sound good” he observed. “You should get it checked out, could be a nail or something more serious”
"Ah ha, yeah I will do that,".
Dropped him off and actually had a look at the tyre. And there I saw the culprit of the nasty noise, a HUGE screw well and truly embedded in the rubber. Well it is Sunday and car workshops are all closed and I noticed the tyre after 3 days was starting to lose air. Well I can probably change a car tyre quicker than a bike one but still I didn’t want to do that nasty hot and sweaty job. So I have just driven around in the hope that I could find a workshop. Closed, closed, closed, Hallelujah! There is a strip in Uptown with quite a few workshops open on a Sunday.
Diagnosed problem, screw removed, air in tyre and good to go. The old Chinese man at the shop then passed me the screw and said, “Screw ah! You got Screwed, Hahahahaha.” Me thinks he knew exactly what he was saying!!! That’s a new one on me I replied with a smile. Paid my RM5 and off I motored, probably getting another ticket on route.
They say bad things come in 3’s, Speeding Ticket and being screwed in one week is quite bad enough with everything else that went wrong. So whatever you are doing up there, gimme a break, please.
Cheers, Emma.

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