Saturday, November 1, 2008

Emma’s Dilemma

I owe a couple of debts of gratitude today for a very bad day on the bike. I have been feeling tired all week but have carried on regardless trying to do what is scheduled and to the best of my ability. Today was a far cry from my best but I will put it down to good old character and mental strength building.
The out was an easy one hour. I started to sense trouble brewing when the easy one hour wasn’t really all that enjoyable or easy. Nevertheless I took it in my stride and at the toll cranked it up...for all of 27minutes! Then someone unplugged me. The legs stopped, the arms hurt whether in aero, upright or standing (must be my new swimming muscles), the head started to drop, I was ratty and irritable and my apologies to a certain person for my very aggressive DUCK off.

Got to the coffee shop and I sat down and just wanted to go to sleep. Difficult to lift my arms to drink my Milo (I am not kidding) and keep my head from lolling around. The word TAXI was buzzing around my head a lot at this stage. I seriously did not know how I was going to get back. There were times when spinning (cos thats all I could manage) I was closing my eyes and wanting to go into a nice deep sleep. Thank you KK and Dave for the tows today. I needed them and am very grateful.
I was having a bit of dilemma and huge mental battle with myself over what good can I be doing myself when so spent. It has been building up all week, yet I carry on getting up each day and doing my thing. If I can’t train at the directed intensity then do the volume, Vinnie instructs. This is what I am currently battling with. In the end I visualised the ride as a Looooong Dark HOT tunnel. Get out the other side I will be better for it. Ride through the pain and crap and imagine what you can do when feeling on form, when you have had a rest, a taper, day off or holiday!
By the time I got back to BK I had a 40min run logged in. I felt no worse, slightly better even (that’s my chocolate muffins for you (am very glad I didn't give that up today). It was a scorcher today wasn’t it? Everyone suffered in some shape or form so I was really pleased to punch out the 40minutes and still have more in the tank. Looks like I got through the tunnel fairly unscathed today. I am sure there will be many more I have to pass through before IM, but at least I now know NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE and TAXI’s are NOT an option!

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