Monday, November 10, 2008

Ironguides Journal WK5

Week4 hit me rather hard. The upside is I came through and entered week5 positively, still a little tired and apprehensive about the looming Powerman on Sunday, but I think positive would be an accurate word to sum up my feelings.
Monday morning swim is the longest out of all my swim sessions. I guess this is because I have two days out the pool on Saturday and Sunday and so just in case I forget what the wet stuff in the concrete tub is for I am reminded big time of how much work I need to do. With the swim in the bag I went over to TBB for an evening turbo. It is the first time I have done the full duration at FULL intensity. During the past four weeks I have been reticent to kill the session because of my knee but, and I am touching wood as I type, the knee seems pretty dam good!
If Monday was a strong day Tuesday plonked me back down to earth with a bump. The swim killed, and I hate to admit this, I had to cut 1 set of 200m. The times were getting slower and slower and so I thought enough is enough. I got out and did my brick run. It is supposed to be on a treadmill and there is one beautifully placed in the small condo gym looking out to the pool. I have used it twice since I started the plan as it now seems a gaggle of old ladies doing their morning walkies and talkies have taken it upon themselves to occupy the machine at the precise time I come out the pool! Luckily I have found a route outside which is not too hilly so I can focus on form and technique. Trouble is it’s HOT!
After asking Coach Vinnie if there was to be a taper in sight for the race he responded with a few adjustments. Not too much but enough to “leave some power in the legs for Sunday”. Well not really too much else to say (makes a change!). The remaining week went calmly by, and with the reduction in volume and intensity I began to feel my body itching to do more. Bizarre how just a tiny drop in your normal training over 2days can make you feel as though you can take on the world. When doing my easy runs and turbos towards the end of the week it was really hard not to push. But I also knew the theory behind just having a nice easy jog or spin. Keep it loose, don’t let the muscles forget what they are supposed to be doing but don’t ask them to work too hard...YET. Save it ;)
Well after my post late last night we all know it worked. I am still smiling and I have just finished my morning ‘light’ swim. Yes I am proud of myself and at the same time very grateful to the help from coach Vinnie of Ironguides. My success yesterday is in part due to his very simple but sensible Method guidance that I am lucky to have at hand. I cannot stress enough that if you are going to ask advice from ANYONE the least you can do is follow it. And if it works, carry on, carry on, and carry on!
I have a lovely light 3 days that has been awarded me and will make the most of them because I am assured from next week the hammer is coming down for the final training push to Phuket!

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