Monday, November 3, 2008

Rule Britannia!

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I have not been keeping abreast of sports as much as I would like too but I am aware of what a splendid Sunday the Brits had yesterday (thank you Julie). Paula Radcliffe trounced the field in the New York Marathon with a time of 2:23:56. Well done PAULA!
The next celebration is one that was only a matter of time in the making. Lewis Hamilton was crowned World F1 Champion, I may not be a huge fan of the guy...yet, but this is an AWESOME achievement by anyone's standards.

On a lower more humbling, back to reality, down to earth with a BUMP note, the English Cricket team were crowned flops when they lost to the Stanford Superstars (not that I really care for cricket). AND the English rugby team were severely humbled by Australia in Melbourne with a 6-49 arse whipping! OUCH!

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