Sunday, November 16, 2008

Looking Good

I saw multi Ironman finisher and 3-time Kona finisher (I only learnt this this morning, please forgive me) Sofian this morning on the Sunday run. He has 3 weeks until his Buselton D-day and is looking really good. On reading his blog his Sunday run times keep tumbling, so Sofian, I do not think you have to worry about coming inside that cut-off time with plenty to spare!
Ismail Mohammed Sofian (Buselton IM race #543)
Another Buselton warrior is Gane. I saw him this morning also. Did not have much of a chance to chat but you are looking pretty dam solid, especially after posting a soggy PD ride in the rain yesterday. Sorry I couldn’t tag along but ya know, the plan and all – not allowed!
Sivanadam Ganesan (Buselton IM race #986)