Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Sunday Ride

At the request of ONE person to switch the Saturday ride to Sunday so this exalted one could join having being in Europe over the past week, the weekend started with an odd Saturday run. The start of my taper, running on Saturday totally screwed my simple head up and I got up this morning thinking it was Monday and time to swim again. A quick glance at the pile of clothes on my bedroom floor revealed my new pink teamTBB tri-suit ready to be ‘worn in’ reminding me it was actually time to ride. Randy, Bee and I waited at the Ulu Langat Traffic lights for exalted one, and we waited, and we waited. At the exact time I placed the ‘where the bloody hell are you’ call, a grovelling message came through – sorry overslept, forgot to set alarm. A sleepy phone call ensued and it was agreed to carry on ‘gently’ until we met up. The plan changed numerous times over the next 30minutes much to Gadget girl’s disappointment but in the end we rode to the T-Junction at Perez and waited. Actually writing this I realize we did rather a lot of waiting today. I think exalted one owes more than a FREE Milo panas!
We had taken it easy – sticking to the taper plan, injecting a little pace when I felt George wanting to go. Once at the T-Junction exalted one was still 25minutes away. So we sat down on the tarmac and chatted, watched the stream of superbikes adorned in all their leathers, zip pass (was tempted at this point to go say hello, just being polite you understand!). All in good spirits, the mist was hanging around for an extra long time this morning and the setting was beautiful. Riders came and went and then IM Sofian came along, pictures were taken (as you can see I was enjoying myself today), and then Exalted or should I say EXHAUSTED one trundled along. We exchanged a few words of good luck with Sofian; he looks in great shape and tremendous spirits – good luck next week. And we set off in search of the nearest Chinese coffee shop so Gadget girl could get her food fix! Went a little over the scheduled ride time today, but it was blissful, really enjoyed it, let’s hope the rest of the taper works. The brick run on the other hand was its usual torturous affair, but very strong, so happy with that. All in all, a great Sunday morning, thanks GUYS.

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