Friday, November 21, 2008

Friggin FRIDAY

I just got a speeding ticket! How dare they! For just going a “TAD” over the limit. I just sat there handed over the license and didn’t even try and squeeze out of it. I was too tired and could not be arsed! AND I am not going to bribe them and give the coppers some extra coffers for their lunch! There you go. I am NOT in a good mood :(


kev said...

Was it the cat driving? Hehheh.

Sorry, bad humour I know. Can't resist it. Just find it such a coincidence that you got a speeding ticket a day after you posted that picture.

yipwt said...

did they try to ask?

Emma said...

Of course they did, they are very subtle now though it went like:
Copper: Miss Emma you were speeding
Me: Was I?
Copper: Yes. I am going to have to give you a ticket....Can????
Me: Go on then.

David said...

Were you on George or in Jazz?

Maybe coach vinnie could train you on driving as well as your Tri stuff!!!!

Love and Commiserations Bruv x

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous, you should contest it, there's no way you'll lose, take it to the high court if need be, I'm upset and troubled, has corruption got that bad and that blatant in Malaysia that they would even conceive of giving you a speeding ticket...when you were driving a JAZZ...rediculous, it defies physics.