Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ironguide Journal WK4

Where to start? The last day I did absolutely squat was Monday October 13th. And that was enforced. Since Tuesday 30th of September I have had one day off. I am not looking for any medals here, nor am I trying to win the bloody minded “I can outlast you for longer without a day off” competition and I am definitely not looking for comments berating me and telling me I should rest, have a day off and “listen to your body” because I know I tell you guys that all the time. You know I am following a custom Ironguides program and I am just trying to give you a little insight into how things are going on a week to week basis. Week 4 I would have to say has been the toughest yet.
When I first received the “Plan” from Coach Vinnie I read it and re-read it. I thought it looked very realistic and doable. Truth is; it is. But nothing is easy every day; some days are going to be a bitch. Some days, like this morning you are going to want to stay under the bedclothes and not go and run for 2hours. And with days like yesterday, well you read the post – you just deal with those ones.
The thing is if I quit yesterday, I would not have been very happy with myself. A lot was learnt, running in the scorching heat even if just for 40minutes lets you know how tough the conditions will probably be in Langkawi. Likewise if I didn’t run this morning, how would I have felt? I will tell SHIT and wrecked with guilt. I have the rest of Sunday to rest and recover as I do not have sprogs (children) I have a cat instead, and my house, well that can stay dirty for another day. A movie and dinner with a friend later on today is on the cards, so all in all Sunday is probably the EASIEST training day I have, skipping it therefore is NOT an option. My body may be tired at the moment but the mind and motivation is feeling very positive. As they say in good ol’ Blighty...”When the Chips are down”...(whatever that means!).
I do however have an admission to make. I skipped a swim session on Thursday morning. (Alert the Press!) Absolutely dog tired I thought it was the best thing to do. Trouble is I didn’t have a lay in, I woke up at the same time and instead of swimming I got on the internet and whined to Coach Vinnie about how I was feeling. I really missed that swim. I mean I missed doing it. After 4 weeks it is a routine that I am now learning to love and won’t be skipping again unless I come down with a nasty virus. (Perhaps I will start hanging out at the hospital to see what I can pick up!)
I knew the wall has been looming all week. There was simply no avoiding crashing into it. On the positive I went right on through and out the other side by relying on a couple of simple weapons. Not expensive or gadget –like they go hand in hand and one without the other means your body will stop working so when you hit that wall – it will be game over. What riddles is she talking in now, you may wonder? It’s the only time I am going to ever get scientific and it is Emma’s equation for dealing with a tough day:
Fluids + Food = Focus
I told you it was simple. Without fluids and food you WILL lose focus. Think of your body as a sexy Ferrari, well yesterday mine felt like Del Boy’s grotty Robin Reliant, but with plenty of good fuel going in, even a shitty crapped out Robin Reliant will get to the finish line. Maybe not as quick as the Ferrari but it got the end. We can’t be Ferrari’s all the time anyway. How will we learn then to deal with the tough days? I am saving my Ferrari engine for Feb 28th! Next weekend I am hoping to perhaps have a bit of zip with let’s say ermm a Golf GTI. NICE :) This all depends however on how Coach Vinnie of Ironguides allows me to prepare ;) BTW, thanks for the advice this week, Emma needed it! 17WEEKS & counting.

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