Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Truly Magic

The great thing about being in a team of like-minded crazies is that there is always someone to train with. That nearly didn’t happen today. With Sergeant Sam AWOL it seems the TTH spirit took a nose dive. I was instructed to a light sentence of half the normal distance this morning followed by a shorter but hard run. An email went out alerting the others of my intentions to cut the ride short and did anyone want to tag along on my plan.
Thank God for Gadget Girl Bee. Always game for a training session she was up for the brick workout out; you others (you know who you are) started dropping like flies, one by one until it was just two souls riding their beloved Zipped up Cervelo’s on the highway at 5.30am.
Got back to BK and as we started the run a gentle spit of rain started. Well the spit turned into a gob and the gob turned into a spewing downpour (excuse my analogies) that can still be heard outside while I sit typing this post. I have a smile on my face. I loved the session this morning. Knees felt good, legs hurt whilst running but don’t they always? But there is something truly magical about running and or getting caught in a downpour. It's such a reprieve from the humid heat we have to contend with on a daily basis that how can you not enjoy getting soaked to the skin? Fabulous Stuff!
Whenever it rains in KL the city grinds to a halt. Traffic jams & flooding takeover. Riding in the rain ain’t much fun either so I am glad we missed getting caught in that but running in the rain now that’s a different matter. It’s MAGIC :)
Thanks for the company Bee, I think you are going to have a GREAT Powerman – just let me beat you this year eh?? Thank You!

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Anonymous said...

Ah ? I thought u faster than SB leh ?

Do enjoy powerman u all in seri manjung.