Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jogging the Memory

It has taken a while, nearly a month to the day! But at last we have those infamous 'shots' from Randy & Ivie's fantastic wedding bash at Uncle Chili's. I remember very little from that evening and was hoping these snaps would shed some light on a night that started oh so beautifully and then took a rapid decent faster than when I am sober riding George - that's pretty fast these days - so I hear!
I am not going to cheat. I am blogging everyone of my ugly shots so please please enjoy laughing. I have learnt a few things about myself as well:
1. I am a very good dancer.
2. Sexy Lady Chris did a great job of holding me up
3. I like kissing Ivie (that's twice now!)
4. When inebriated I like hugging people (I actually knew this one already)

5. I REALLY REALLY Enjoyed myself, and that is what the whole night was about at the end of the day - BIG SUCCESS!!

Stone cold sober, nice shot with John, this is as good as it gets, all down hill from here!

I am sure you had better things to do on your wedding night than hold me up Randy, Thank YOU!
Opps-a-daisy, into the car she goes!


David said...

Mum will be so proud!
Kinda reminds me of your 16th Ha Ha!

Emma said...

Haha, I thought I had grown up since then. Obviously I do not mature with age:)
Cheers Bruv.
Am sure you you have plenty worse moments, in fact I know you have, it's just no buggar has caught them on camera!!! XXXX

sofiantriathlete said...

Sofa King funny