Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hop on the Turbo Train

The turbo trainer has become a staple of my training these past few weeks and odds are it will become more prominent in the “plan” rather than less as the weeks progress. For those not clued up, a turbo trainer is a device that allows you to clamp your bike into and ride at varying resistances without going anywhere.
What was that? Can I hear you groaning and saying HOW BOooooring? Perhaps, or perhaps not. A turbo session is a sure fire way to bang in a great midweek bike session when time constraints do not allow you to spare 2hours for a morning or evening ride. More plus points? You can do a turbo session with a group of buddies it doesn’t matter what level you all are as since you are not going anywhere you cannot be dropped! Another plus point, MUSIC. Crank up the volume on the spin tracks and let your adrenalin start pumping and your start legs turning...HARD.
I have been chatting over the past few weeks about these sessions with the guys. Some have already been dabbling with turbo and it now appears some group sessions are about to kick off which is fantastic news. The Bike Boutique in Damansara Perdana is a perfect venue for this, they have the music and the space and Daniel has a whole book of workouts to tease and frustrate you and ultimately make you STRONGER. The workouts I believe usually last around 45 to 60min and you can alter the resistance on the turbo and also use your gearing to change tempo.
So what are you waiting for? Hop on the TURBO TRAIN!
Footnote: When I heard the guys are arranging to start the sessions my first thought was great – at last some company for little ol’ me. Now I find out they are thinking of doing Thursday nights. This means two things: My Thursday night 60min run is now solo AND my Monday night turbo is still solo! (If you wanna join me on either of these sessions let me know please. Too much training solo can drive one rather insane) Then again maybe I am just not very good at taking hints ;)

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