Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stuck on Loo

This brought a smile to my face. A couple of weeks ago on the Sunday night Detox run after that Saturday night I had to pay a visit to the ladies room on route. Went to the Police station one by the KTM station. Dark and hot as hell I was as quick as possible aware that everyone else had carried on and I would have to catch up and feeling rather Shite that was not going to be pleasant.
I went to unlock the door and I couldn't get out! For 2minutes I was banging on the door to no avail from the deaf ears of the police. I was on the verge of having a major panic attack when the door opened as if by bloody magic! Lucky escape for me but not so for this poor sod who used a public toilet only to have to be removed by ambulance crew with the toilet seat still attached to his bum! Some git had put superglue all over the seat - only in the WEST MIDLANDS eh!!! You Brownhills LOT!

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