Sunday, March 15, 2009


(photo courtesy of Audrey Song)
Wow! Has it really been 2 weeks since IMMY? I feel like I have been on holiday. And in a way I have. Light (read: extremely light) training has left me feeling fully refreshed, charged and ready to go. What has surprised me about this ‘downtime’?
1. There have been no downs
2. I found it really really easy to follow
I have not been consumed by guilt at the dramatically reduced training long hours. It hasn't bothered me not going long on the bike or run. Also I have not really consumed. Initially worried my weight would shoot up, funnily enough my appetite has reduced and I have been pretty good at not going overboard. ALSO my weekly grocery bill has been about 30% cheaper compared to when training 26hrs a week! Result!
So there are just a few days left before Aviva 70.3 in Singapore. I haven’t really thought much about this race. It is there and I will just do it. I even checked with Coach Vinnie about any preparation I should do. His reply was: “you are still recovering, no pressure, no targets but when you line up, forget you just did an IM and hammer it,” (well words to that effect).
Good advice, I like that kind of advice. It has never been targeted as a triple ‘A’ race anyway, I would like to do well and have goals but the year is long and the real triple ‘A’ race is sometime away.
Singapore will be my first official 70.3, I am just going to go out there, hopefully with a smile on my face and have a blast because the real work starts when I get back to KL. Not sure yet what that all entails, but the words sadistic Santana are ringing in my head!


plee said...
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plee said...

Wishing YOU an Friends all the best".. this timefor Aviva!

LG said...

All the best to you and the rest of the group members in Aviva! :)