Thursday, March 12, 2009


I popped in Boon Foo’s today to spend some money. I am sure this put a smile on his face, as he is always pulling my leg that I only usually drop RM10-20!! I have brought some rear ceramic bearings for my Zipp so George and I will go even FASTER next weekend in Sing.
ANYWAY, obviously we got chatting about stuff, IM in particular. And he asked what I got. I said nothing, there is no prize money, just the trophy and in my book the ‘prestige’ at doing well at an international event which will last long after the last RM50 note has been frittered away.
Ever the typical businessman, Boon Foo said, “What no money incentive?” I said NO Boon Foo. But you should know me by now. Emma does not need incentive to drive her forward. Work hard, focus, live and breathe your passion and then....only then...the money may come. But in my book if it doesn’t, so long as I can keep George in fresh, tyres and myself in coffee then I am living my dream.
Incentives? Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We all need help to move forward in sport, but sometimes money is NOT the answer. If you are reading this and are in a position to help young athletes in ways other than writing a cheque, some coaching, equipment, apparel, time – these are the things that I believe will help advance the sport. But then again it’s just my humble opinion so don’t bombard me with comments saying I don’t have to worry about money. Because those that know me well...know I do (have to worry that is).


Cheong said...

You are heading the right direction Emma & do keep the blog going. That is already a great contribution to the sport & to new try-athletes like myself :)

All the best for your coming Singapore 70.3.

BTW I have trouble spending at any bike shop where the owner is too profit minded & arogant. My test: walk in the bike shop dress like a below average joe and see how the owner treats me.

Emma said...

Hi Cheong, Thanks for the feedback on the 1st part of your comment. RE: the 2nd bit: YIKES! This is in no way a jibe at the local bike shop scene. My first trip there when I had just started riding; yes I felt a bit shy and out of my depth, but now when I visit, I LOVE the 'fun' banter that I have going with the owner, it gives each shop a unique individuality and character, and I wouldn't have it any other way. And remember the bottom line is - it IS a business after all.