Monday, March 9, 2009


So here it is for all to see, NO hiding. It's a tall order, but half the battle is believing in yourself!
I will take part in IM Malaysia 2010 (I say this because it sounds like there is some fannying about on the venue, but I believe Langkawi will remain).
I will set a NEW bike course record for all AG women (I know the course would probably be different but what the heck, this years was harder and I was just 3minutes shy).
I will set a NEW course record for the Age Group Women!
I will then go to the SHOW!
There, I have said it. It is out there. It is going to be a tough one and I can’t wait!


David said...

Good on ya sis, laying it on the line for all to see and comment on takes balls, BIG balls. You will reach your dream/goal and I'm behind ya all the way (no pun intended, hey Ivie). You inspire me and I soon see a chris boardman pro between my legs! Have also entered my 1st mtb race 66 miles of the rough stuff.

Emma said...

WOW. Thank you burv. Those words mean a lot, thank you for sharing them with me. Maybe you guys should think about holiday 2010 langkawai???.....or hawaii - hahahhah
Big kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

You've got serious guts and I wish you all the best. Rule, Britania!!!! He he
See you around, Port Dickson perhaps????
Leo ( Phuket)

Emma said...

Hi Leo, thanks! Yup see you in PD! Great to put a face to the name in langkawi. I thought you were a guy!! (secretly wishing) hahahh.

Peter Hughes said...

Hi again Emma. Nice race in should be stoked. I was also unimpressed about "aging-up" here (I'm 29) as in most races M30-34 means you're starting to play with the big boys...seems it worked in my favour this time win some, you lose some :) Good onya for putting your goals out this now and use the motivation wisely. Liked your earlier post too...I'm also chasing speed but taking it a little more IM racing 'til at least 2011 :( Noticed your schedule has a few gaps so make sure you check out our great HIM races in NZ (Rotorua, Tauranga, Auckland)...feel free to drop me a line if you're ever down my way. Cheers...

Emma said...

Cheers for that Peter and Congrats!! Very tempting to pop down under for a 70.3 but sadly financing I fear will leave me in Asia for the moment.
Maybe 2011 though!