Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Thank you. Two simple words that I have used a lot over the past few months. I don't know how many times I have said it and have no idea how else to express my appreciation other than by the written word. I know I babble on, but I hope you find some enjoyment in my reporting even if it is just to help put you to sleep!
Many of you are aware of the journey I have taken over the past 12months. You have trained with me, put up with at times my foul mouth and moods, supported me, given me a shoulder to cry on. Basically I could never ever have achieved a sub 11 IM at just my second attempt without your help. I will now try and thank you all and hope I do not miss anyone out.
My TTH Training Support (in no particular order)
Disco Dave Spence: 13:20:21. Dave is relatively new to the group. A fellow brit he brings banter and a lovable loud personality into the group. A true tri-hard attitude, he read the Emma Bishop book of how to get into triathlons and elected to also do IMMY as his first TRI! Way to go Dave.
Denis Oakley: 14:05:11. Denis joined us on a few swims, bikes and runs before going under the radar and back to Blighty. A lovely fellow, another fellow Brit this was Denis' 1st IM and he was in pain on that run but never EVER too much to say "GO Emma". During training he always would shout out when I was grinding out my long runs. Thanks.
Sofian Ismail: 15:38:38. This guy is a true inspiration. He has been there done that and got the T-shirt. Sofian's 1st trip to Kona was through writing a letter to the WTC back in the 80's. Said he was from Malaysia and he would like to come to the World Champs. The rest is history. If only it was that easy today! A guy I totally admire for all he has achieved, he had a great race today with a PB.
Don Khor: 11:33:51. This guy is so fit and such an awesome runner. He decided to participate at the 11th hour and still churned out a fabulous time. Last year there were no smiles, this year the guy was beaming from ear to ear.
Kona Carmen: 12:02:09. Carmen is the most consistent female I know. So steady and so quietly determined unlike yours truly. She went to the show last year as 1st Malaysian and by Jove she is going again this year with a PB under her belt. very proud of you Carmen, not envious like last year, just sad we didn't qualify together but lets see if I can still join you yet!
Sexy Lady Chris: 14:32:47. Throwing sponges at me on the run, Chris had a really tough run but she never stopped clapping me EVERY BLOODY time she saw me. I am welling up just thinking about that as I write this. Thank YOU CHRIS and YOU LOOKED bloody amazing. Chris is one tough IronChick, giving up is NOT in her vocabulary.
Smiling Meng: 13:41:04. We didn't see much of Meng during training this year and still with little or no training, Meng ALWAYS has a smile for you, it's so infectious it makes me want to smile more. Well done Mate.
Bernard: 14:38:38. A new addition to TTH, this was Bernard's first IM too. He looked in pain on the run, but always gave me support. Thank You.
KK sexy Martin: 14:46:05. KK is one of the busiest guys I know but will still go out of his way to help you. It is a pleasure and such fun training with you. You have said many kind words to me over the past few months and the fact that you say I inspire you makes all the muscle soreness go away and is replaced with warm fuzzy feelings because that is all I have ever wanted to do. INSPIRE & MOTIVATE. Thank you for your honesty and kindness.
RHBee: 12:41:18. No one is more determined than RHBee. She loves to train she loves to ride and has accompanied me on many brick runs. You did great in training and it shows in what you achieved on race day - totally in control. Thank you for your support.
Randy Tan: 13:15:40. If only I could swim like you Randy. 1:03! WOW. Randy has supported me in much of my turbo and Sunday run training, a lot of the time I am sure he didn’t want to but he came along to keep me company. Forever in your debt. Thank You.
S.Sam: DNF. Sadly after a storming swim and PB on the bike Sam struggled with stomach problems and had to pull out but not before when we passed each other on the run and he had the cheek to yell out “Smile Emma”! Sam you have been an absolute diamond over the past year, during training and outside of training when things got a little rough. Forever in your debt. Thank you.
Aaron Steel: Draft Marshell. Another new addition to the team, self diagnosed ODD Ozzy Aaron is an awesome tri-athlete and I have never met anyone quite so chirpy. It will or probably already has, got you in trouble, but I for one really appreciated your positive thoughts and messages of encouragement.
Neil: Draft Marshell. Another Brit, Neil's saddle almost reaches my chest. To say he is tall is an understatement. We haven't ridden much together yet but you add another great dimension to the group and keep chirpy Aaron in check. Thanks for the kind words out on the course.
Ivie Tan: Official TTH pix Gal. Ivie, I do not know where you get the patience from, every race you are there with a smile and a click. You are a very special person because I for one know I would find it very very difficult to do what you do without complaining. Forever in your debt.
Julie Foreman: Sounding Board. Julie, I do not know how to put into words what your friendship means to me. You have seen me at my lowest and now probably nearly at the highest. your constant support, messages and genuinie interest has made some bad days very bearable. I can't wait to start training with you again once the little one is born. Forever in your debt.
Hayley Holle: Keen sums up Hayley. Eager, full of beans always with a tale to tell. You are an amazing athlete and WILL reach your own goal just believe. Thank you for your support.
Last but not least, Simon Cross: 10:43:44. Yet another fellow Brit (where are the girls though?) You are the one who tried to get me into the sport ages ago. I remember everything you said and I remember thinking yeah right get real. I had to do it in my own time and in my own way but once I made the move you have given me constant support and been a sounding board of sorts particularly over the past 12months when I have been struggling. Always positive, always optimistic and always believing that I could do it. You pipped me today by a little over 10minutes but I will get you, maybe it wasn’t today but you know what, you churned out a fantastic performance. He said I would beat him on the bike and I thought I had, so how bummed was I to learn he did 5:03 – not bummed at all just 100% happy for him. For someone who suffers in the heat I believe he now believes that he can crack this distance. See ya in Kona Mate!

All I ever wanted was someone to coach me, to prepare me for the race so that I would realistically have a shot at Kona. Coach Vinnie did that. You were always there when I needed help and have been able to turn Emma into someone who seriously believes she can still go faster. The Method works. It is not easy, but as we said back in the old days if this sport was easy EVERYONE would do it. There were many sacrifices but NO regrets. HUGE HUGE thanks and I can't wait to see what we will achieve next.
TBB KL has become my second home. It is where I train on the turbo, it is where George gets his TLC and it is where I just love to be. Thank You Daniel and the team for your mechanical help, ever present smiles and solid advice. I look forward to spending even more time with you guys in the near future.

To all and everyone else I know who took part and took pictures: Tey, Lynn, Adzim, Abu, KeatSeong, Michelle, Raymond, Dr Ray, Ngae, Julianna, oh gosh of course I have missed some of you out but huge congrats. Great achievement to all of you. Well DONE and see you next year, Emma x.
And Finally:
I am 34years old. When I registered I was in the 30-34yr age group. A few weeks ago I found out that was no longer the case I was now in 35-39. Had I raced under my age I would have my slot and be shopping for bikini's, but in all honestly I am not bitter at all. I always said Kona would be the cherry on the cake but personally the real cherry from this weekend was ducking under 11hours and experiencing one of the best days of my life with all of YOU.

I will get there and next time I will be quicker still :)


kev said...

LOL! Like your Ironman race, your race report came in three legs plus a finishing. Well done on a good race, I saw you many times on the run lap, including at the airport and the event functions, but was too shy to say hi. Congratulations on the massive PB and road to Kona.

Emma said...

Hi Kev, why didn't you say HI! I don't bite well not much:) Any way, thanks. As you can see with my writing I don't do things lightly. No one else will publish me so I just have to subject you guys to my waffle. Then again it's pretty good bedtime reading!!

Cheong said...

Well done Emma! Another inspirational write-up!

Emma said...

Thank you Cheong on both counts :)

Keat Seong said...

Great report on your race Emma, you'll get your slot to Kona soon. :) ... i was happy that we actually high-5ed on one of those loops :D ... tat was really unexpected :D ... Ur really making me into a fan of Emma Bishop... :) Congratz again!!!

Emma said...

Aww, shucks Keat Seong, your making me blush :P

Dave said...

Emma, I enjoyed the read and like you, will cherish all the memories. There is no doubt that you'll make Kona in my mind & reading your words you know that you are more than half way there already. Stay strong & keep smiling. It suits you :-)