Monday, March 9, 2009

New Goal

Hot off the press! Okay, so I didn’t qualify for Kona this round. I think we have all established that I am over that, not bitter about the age group thing and over the moon with what I did achieve. PB’s in all 3 disciplines, 2nd fastest female on the bike, pretty solid on the run, blah blah, ok all old news now.
While in my down time I have had plenty of time to think about the rest of the year. Still keen to go to Kona with Carmen and Wong, IM Japan is a race I told myself last year I would give a shot if I missed the slot at IMMY. I know I have a great chance to qualify there so penned my thoughts and a 2009 race plan to Coach Vinnie.
He replied with ‘interesting’. As he saw it, yes, I could probably get there in Japan. BUT that is not the journey he had in mind.
I said I wanted to get faster. I CAN go faster. Coach Vinnie will help me get faster. SO he says to me. “Do you want to go to Kona 2009 OR do you want to get faster?”
Such a conundrum; well he has done right by me so far, I trust the advice. I mean it would be better for Ironguides for me to go to KONA sooner rather than later, more exposure at the show. BUT, that is not what he advises. SPEED is.
After some thought (and many apologies this was supposed to be short), I decided that if I gave Kona another shot this year it would mean a great experience but also Emma will lose one year of getting quicker (and she ain't no spring chicken ya know!) So, my decision in the end, was simple. I will be doing a bunch of 70.3’s starting with Sing and then...(to be revealed).
Once again I will not hide from my new goal. A dream that is shared, is a dream that will be realised. Having a dream makes you feel alive. I don’t feel a failure from missing out by 10minutes I feel lucky to be alive and healthy.
Emma will spend 2009 getting FAST. This means plenty quicker in the swim, quicker still on the bike and cutting that run down as much as Emmerly possible.
Wish me luck!


Keat Seong said...

Nice!!! Can I join in on your get fast plan too.... :D

Emma said...

Thats the idea! The more the merrier and the quicker we shall all get together :)