Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Race Report IM Langkawi 2009 Part II

Friday 27th Feb
Rise and shine, didn’t have to get up too early but I am so used to 5am rises that I was wide awake. Met the guys for brekkie we then got the ‘Wan’ down to the Jetty for a toe dip in the ocean for 8:30ish. On arrival plenty of people already swimming, saw Sofian, he had just come out the water and warned us of the Jellyfish. He had just been stung. Everyone was in pretty good spirits, more importantly I was still in good spirits, and the butterflies had well and truly gone away (for the moment). I had a 10minute swim in mind that would be followed by a 10minute bike and 10minute run with some race-pace pick-ups. Briefing was at 10:30am so it was going to be a busy morning which was a good thing, less time to start chewing off my nails.
The swim looked much more doable than last year, a straight out and back. Calm as a mill pond, we goggled up and plopped in. Well Emma did. Here’s a bit of useless information. I have never EVER dived into water. Don’t know how. Fallen, yes, tripped, yes, but it is usually the walrus plop effect for me. Note for 2009, must learn to bloody dive! Oh yes, and Swim!!!
Sorry, back to the swim. So off I set, lovely long strokes, gliding along (Oh F***, wake up Emma) anyway swimming along in a straight line I would like to add as opposed to last year’s Ever Decreasing Circles. Can’t have been more than 5mins out and my right arm came over and hugged a big bastard Jelly Fish. As the right arm went through it pushed the buggar left and my left arm caught it, I then discarded it behind me right into the path of Sexy lady Chris (I do like to share). Both of us were stung pretty nasty. I had lash marks on my wrists, Chris a sting on her face and back. We bobbed about a bit and then swam back.
Sadistically I was happy this had happened. If I had no reaction other than nasty discomfort and itching then I knew if it happened on the race I would be OK. Trouble is I now had to wait to see if there would be any side effects.
Out the swim, back to the hotel and straight onto George for a 10min spin with KK Sexy Martin and then a 10min run, feeling real good. I got back showered and then straight to briefing. After briefing we went to look at the other side of the bike course in the ‘Wan’. It appeared whilst driving to be rather hillier than anticipated. Not looking good. Lunch was taken at T-Jays, the same place as last year; we even sat at the same table and me the same seat. Did I mention I was superstitious?
Back to the hotel for a nap, I couldn’t sleep though. Stomach was bulging with the disgusting amount of Pizza I had consumed so I got all my bike stuff together and went to sort George out and get him ready.
Bike Check-in: We rode our bikes to check-in, on the way I was still not happy with the noise emitting from Georges rear. The gears seemed to be jumping in the big chain ring. Not happy, getting a little/ a lot antsy, I saw Alex as I went through the gate and he guided me into the mechanics.
Joe to the rescue again. I then took the bike back out and rode around, working through the gears. Crap, I thought, this OCD is getting really bad. Deciding enough was enough I went back to check-in, back to Joe. Got them to check the seat, cables, headset and then, only then, did I go through and let them put the sticker on.
With George racked I went and found him to go over the tyres. I had put two tubes, two C02 and a hand pump. OCD Emma was not taking any Chrissie type risks. I then spent the best part of 15minutes going over the tyres looking for damage, bits of debris that could come and bite me in the arse if not removed. (I had already done this twice). Whilst doing this very very scientific technical procedure, IM announcer Whit came over. He was eyeing up the bikes and recognised not me but my Little Miss Naughty T-Shirt from Phuket. We can’t all be as memorable as our very own Sexy Chris now, can we? During this time I was now trying to release the pressure from the tyres but having problems. After yet more faffing about the air was down but the Starbucks straws were not doing the job. What the hell would I use tomorrow if I got a flat?? One final look over George, check the bags, quick chat with Alex and Simon and to the waiting ‘Wan’. The guys dropped me off at the hotel. It was gone 6pm. I didn’t want dinner and as per last year, retired to my room with Maggi noodles, chocolate muffins, Milo and the iPod.
Got a text from Julie. “Was I in a mess?” Oddly, weirdly, I was very calm, not like the calm before the storm I was really calm - cool as a cucumber, no butterflies, what the hell was going on? I was raring to go and keen to get to the start to see what I could do. Lights out by 8pm, lulled to sleep by “Chariots of FIRE soundtrack!


ironguides said...

Pins and needles here, pins and needles...where's Part III?! :-)

Let's hear about the SWIM please because there is lots to tell (you were in there so long!). :-) Come to Singapore Camp in May so Coach Vinnie can work on it for your next qualifying shot. :-)

Marc Becker
Head Coach,

Emma said...

Patience Marc, I am working on it;) A masterpiece in the making :) Yes help needed in the SWIM. Everyone ignores the good bits and says, but Emma your swim is still S**T Sing sounds good.