Monday, March 2, 2009

Race Report IM Langkawi 2009: Part I

Editorial Warning: I will NOT try and be brief; this race was one year in the making. It was, as one good friend told me, a triple ‘A’ race. The training took 21weeks and the race 10hrs55mins. If you can bear with me I will take you through Thursday to Saturday with as much humour, anecdotes and analogies as I can muster ;)
Thursday 26th Feb
Up at 5am the day started off with car pooling to the airport, for once I didn’t need a wakeup call from Mr and Mrs Newly Wed Tan and we arrived in plenty of time. George and all the other bikes had travelled by road with TBB KL earlier in the week so it was just regular luggage and my trusty Zipps I had to sweet talk (I know, not my strong point) through customs hand luggage. But since every other man and his dog were carrying a pair of wheels they couldn’t refuse me could they? But they did try!
Arrived in Langkawi, picked up the Wan (this is Chinese speak for Van), that KK Martin, NKA (Now Known As) KK Sexy Martin (you know why) had superbly pre-arranged and left waiting for us. Off to TBB Bike Maintenance to hand over the Zipps, then to check-in, then lots of faffing about with registration. Once most of the gang were assembled we popped out in the late afternoon to test our bikes and the hill.
My bike test lasted all of 5seconds, by which time I realised I had no front brake. Luckily Joe one of the mechanics supporting TBB had not yet left and with some minor quick adjustments I was good to go. Now I have never suffered from OCD but this weekend I self diagnosed me with the disorder where George was concerned. EXTREMELY paranoid is an understatement. I had the guys look over the rear wheel A LOT. I don’t like noise when I ride; I prefer to be a silent assassin whereby I ride up behind you and WHOOSH fly past before you can say what the F*** was that?
I found out the rear bearings need changing and that was why there was noise when changing gears. After asking FOUR of the TBB mechanics AND my brother in the UK if it would be a problem their united 'it shouldn't be' and my brothers 'NO' allowed me to settle down a little; like I say, Emma was getting rather paranoid where the bike was concerned.
The ride was good, I felt raring to go, and was in good spirits which surprised me but absolutely floored my training buddies. They were waiting for my anti-social cum axe murderer personality to kick in but it didn’t. Actually I was on pretty good form if I do say so myself. WEIRD.
And so we did the hill that was apparently the only real nasty blip on the bike route. Not too bad I thought. Back to the Bayview, quick change and out to Simon’s fancy suite at the Westin with the others for a 100PLUS at sundown. Sorry no drinkie poo’s for me. This was followed by a swift dinner, followed by bed. Friday morning would be early with a quickie swim, bike and run and that was just for breakfast.
Pictures on the way lahhhhh. Patience, writing is the easy bit, the guys that took all the snaps you are the real heros capturing the events of the day. I await with baited breath to see what lovely AND nasty kodak moments you caught of Emma!


Anonymous said...

Hello Emma, Did you qualify?

plee said...

Way to go Emma! Very Well done! I left a comment in yr IM ditty post but was not sure if you'd see it!

Emma said...

Nope didn't qualify. Missed it by 10minutes. Now had I been in my proper AGE GROUP.....not bitter though, you can read about it later:)
Yes, Plee got your message thank you for the support it all helped :)

ironguides said...

Emma will qualify soon.

Marc Becker,
Head Coach and Founder,