Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Job

I started the new job today! In talks with TBB since early last year they decided to take the plunge and offer Emma a position. I am looking forward to working with the guys, Daniel, Wong, SK (is that right - opps), and today they saw that Emma is NOT afraid to get her hands dirty (I will say no more). The position is officially Marketing Manager, but that sounds a little too formal. As I see it we are a team and will work as one finely tuned ready to roll Cervelo P4 (oh OK, well I am marketing, gotta drop it in somewhere)!
Anyway, I just wanted to say hi to Paul. I don't know your surname, but you were in the store today and came upstairs to say hi. Paul is new to triathlon, started thinking about it one year ago, about the same as me. He told me I inspired him to get into the sport and he wanted to say congrats on my successes. Well, Paul, from me to you the only successes that are really important to me are those that reach out and connect with new athletes.
Thank YOU for coming to say hi and welcome to the sport. It's a fun ride and I will see you in Lake Kenyir this weekend!


plee said...

Hi Emma!
The surname is Lee... no relation to Bruce though! Congratulations on yr joining TBB. The P4 is really cool(like the rear brakes) and I am sure you will have lotsa success with it! TBB might have to put up a sign beside the showroom model saying- Beware of Drool on Floor!

Thx again for the advice and encouragement! See you in Kenyir


heckler said...

hey emma

congratulation on your new job. not many ppl got the chance to get a job at the same time the sports that they like.

i envy you.


p/s they pay well? any opening? :)

David said...

My Sister working in a bike shop, ahhh taking after her big bruv. Don't let all those loose cones and bottom brackets get to you or you may end up making ice cream!!!!
No seriously wishing you all the best in your new adventure.
Bruv out xxx

Emma said...

My dear brother, it is a bike store, not a shop ;)
Whats a bottom bracket????
Your Sista xxx