Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Post Race Beers

After feeling rather crap at the finish, my batteries seemed to recharge quite rapidly and I was feeling pretty sprightly after a good shower and clean clothes. After the Awards lunch I bagged an invite (or should I say, was co-erced) into going to the post race party at Riversides mirco brewery. Transport was laid on and as I was staying in the same hotel as most of the pros’, read Macca, Craig ‘crowie’ Alexander, Kate Majors etc to name a few– (I am terrible with names actually and can’t remember them all) oh ok, Simon Thompson, Pete Jacobs (why can’t I remember the girls names, I shared a cab with them – cool eh?
Anyway, was a pretty awesome evening, I had some beers took some snaps, behaved myself and it was good to see even the pro’s letting their hair and guards down.
I did behave myself, honest. But not before I got a smooch with current IM World Champ and Aviva 70.3 2009 Champ Craig Alexander.

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Keat Seong said...

u nawty devil!!! :P