Monday, March 30, 2009

Race Report: Lake Kenyir

(pictures on the way Courtesy of offical PIX gal Ivie & Nik)
I am going to try keeping this report even shorter. It’s only an OD tri after all!
This was my 2nd Lake Kenyir tri. An absolute B**** to get to it is a long and arduous journey. Last year I hopped on the ‘magic Bus’ with S.Sam, Carmen and Ms. Sexy. This year with S.Sam carving up the French slopes on his skis I caught a lift with RHBee. All was good until the air-con packed up and we started to cook beneath the glass of her Vios. For someone who lurves gadgets it seems to me RHBee don’t pay enough attention to her car! Anyway, we got it fixed – finally, and the convoy of 6cars arrived in Lake Kenyir in time to register and think about taking the bikes out for a spin before the heavens opened and put to rest that little idea of FUN!
Sharing a room with Kona ‘bound-again’ Carmen and RHBee we sorted our stuff and then to keep the boredom at bay spent the rest of the afternoon eating rubbish! I was not feeling on top of the world. Had the start of what I thought was a sore throat coming on and was dog tired. I put this down to the fatigue of races in recent weeks and was just looking forward to getting Sunday over and done with so I could get back onto a training routine.
We arranged to go for the carbo load at 7.30pm, knowing it was going to play out like a rematch of the O.K corral was the reason we had been eating so much rubbish. We kind of knew it was going to be a fight to get some food from the hoards. So it was a nice surprise when Stuart (doing his first triathlon – great stuff mate!) informed us that we could use the carbo coupon in the restaurant and NO ONE was there! Come on down!!
We needed no further coaxing. Well perhaps I did, because at this stage I was in bed asleep feeling basically CRAP! I prised myself out and we went over to the restaurant to see what ‘delights’ (and I say that absolutely tongue in cheek) they had on offer! Keeping it clean and simple, I avoided all spicy food, meat and went straight to sweet stuff. Bed by 9.30pm. RHBee did not know what had hit her. Never in her life had she turned in so early. Carmen and I on the other hand were soon punching out the Z’s.
RACE DAY: Alarms go off. I did not want to get up. That is a bad sign. Sore throat and to throw another spanner in the works I was wheezing like a trooper. Not even my asthma medication would cure that. At this stage I REALLY did NOT want to race. But we had come a long way and if I am honest, which I always am on the blog, I wanted to try and earn some money – needed to!
Kitted up, we rode down to transition, marked up, goggled up and waited. I was feeling pretty calm, not healthy and up for it, but at least I felt calm – the new attitude is working a treat!
SWIM: BLOODY HELL! What to say, where to start. Words cannot describe how BAD this was. Lake Kenyir is a beautiful to swim in. It is pristine. It is warm. So why I had a HUGE panic attack is beyond me. Never have I quit on a race so far in my short AG career but yesterday I was pretty damn close. Here’s how it played out:
Tried to attack the beginning; BAD MOVE. A panic attack ensued immediately. I saw Ms. Sexy, Carmen and Li-Sar going away from me and these are the three girls I know I should be at least be staying with these days. So I try and start again, head down, swallow water, panic. Tread water, breathe stroke. In a nut shell the first loop played out like this I could not regulate. I was anaerobic all the time and it was killing me. One side of me was saying QUIT. The other side was saying CALM the F down and GO! Well eventually after what seemed an age (and it was an age) and after getting pummelled in the head and stomach I finally starting something that resembled a swim. I reckon I lost at least 3minutes, so it was back to playing catch up AGAIN! T1: Out the swim and someone was hurling at the side, I was on the verge of joining the guy but somehow held it in.
BIKE: Out on the bike, my heart rate is through the roof from the abysmal swim and the hill that beckons straight out of transition. I also still want to PUKE. But can’t. Surprisingly the bike went without any hiccups. I saw Simon waking it home; he had a puncture (bad luck, and better luck next time). He never carries spares on OD races and yup you guessed it – neither do I! The bike leg is known for being NASTY with the hills. So how surprised was I to be staying in the big chain ring for the majority of the ride – loved it actually. Despite feeling crap the ride went well for me and the other 10 or 20 people who elected to sit on Emma’s tail!!!! I HATE drafting! Then again when it is friends I don’t mind helping, I passed Mon and he accepted the taxi with thanks but on the turn I had lost him – sorry Mon. T2: Pretty quick I think, I came in, in 4th place and just as I entered transition Steph was leaving on her run. I thought she was in 1st place at this time.
RUN: Out on the run and the 3rd place girl didn’t find her run legs, those hills really do bite you, don’t they? So within a couple of minutes I had passed her and then it was try and keep form and keep the legs turning over at a good cadence. I saw Steph just after the first turnaround and when I passed she informed me there was one more in front!! Damn!!! Oh well, it is not a good idea to try and chase someone down on the Kenyir hills, so I just kept it as steady as I could and what would be would be. Yup you guessed it as I crossed the finish line I realised I believe I was just seconds shy of 1st place!!!!! Emma was bridesmaid AGAIN. Last year Langkawi 3rd, Kenyir 3rd. This year: Langkawi 2nd, Aviva 2nd and Kenyir 2nd. Do you see a pattern forming here? Guess I will have to wait until next year! It was all worthwhile, I came 2nd overall as well, so the additional bonus money was extremely well received. Thank YOU Triathlon Malaysia, a great race. Hot as hell and tough but it is such a beautifully tranquil place that I believe I will return again.
Well done to all the guys who participated:
Li-Sar, back on the bike and racing came 1st in her age group!!! Awesome result. She couldn’t stop smiling, FANTASTIC. Carmen came 2nd behind Li-sar, RHBee, came 4th, Ms Sexy 5th –basically the IRON CHICKS had an awesome day and walked away with some cash in the pocket.
Meng, Rodger, Bernard, Randy, Stuart, Mon all had smiles on their faces which means the most important result was achieved. THEY HAD FUN and will be BACK!
Ok, I said short, but ya know I just get carried away!!!
That’s it now until July, back to training for Emma.

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plee said...

Congratlations Emma! Again! This time with cough,flu and all!!