Sunday, March 22, 2009

Race Morning

WOW! This is NEW. It's 4:26am on the morning of the race. Yesterday was manic, Friday I was feeling a little shaky and under the weather and missed carbo and briefing. Yesterday felt much better, swam, biked and then just rushing around. Fell in bed at 8:30ish.
Amped on caffeine as I type this. Race start is at 7:15am and I am still feeling TOTALLY relaxed. I am actually begining to believe that I have finally turned the corner in how to handle race prep and that the grumpy moody cow that WAS Emma is and could be a thing of the PAST.
Trouble is people are still waiting for me to snap! Seems like my reputation precedes me! But am doing my best to convince them that I am no longer dangerous.
Okay, so just a little update, I am looking forward to the race, God knows how I shall fair, a tough line up in my NEW age group but what the heck I WILL SMILE!!!!


sofiantriathlete said...

5 hrs 18 mins

plee said...


Wow! I've seen the prov. results on site and news cover too. Am at the edge of my seat but must let Emma have first stay about all this.....hope I do not turn blue first.

sofiantriathlete said...

Ha Ha