Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kodak IRONMemories

Finally. I am not going to go back through the Race Report BOOK and slot pictures in because I know many of you can not be arsed to do that much scrolling. So now I have the pictures from Tey & Ivie I am posting a few of my favourite memories from last weekend. Once again thanks to everyone who took snaps and then took the time to contact me/tag me/message me with the moments.

Nice group shot. Where's Emma. Sulking probably. Wasn't very sociable at check in.

Emma looking rather nervous wouldn't you agree, but very fetching in her pinky I love pictures of me on the bike. Probably because the face is mostly covered up! I understand my dear brother has made some derogatory comment about the size of my rear!
Right no more FREE accommodation for you David!It was awesome getting off the bike with Sam. No drafting honest.
Slaps on the back and high fives!Do you reckon I could get a part for a shampoo AD with this shot?? NO? Awe come on..That's 2 sponges please. Or was it 2 cornettos?? Can't remember.Ok, getting down to business
Langkawi 2009, in the bag done. All smiles now. Even Randy is standing.
I slipped this one in cos it vaguely and I mean vaguely shows the hint of ab definition on my Lilly white skin...I think!!! hahahahahaahahahha

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