Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Sleep has been evading me of late. I still cannot sleep through the night! Check the time of this post - I have actually been up since 4:15am! I am hoping this will all fix itself once full training resumes.
I am not stressed about AVIVA, on the contrary this is the calmest I have EVER felt before a race. Off to Singapore today, I know it is rather early, I mean I am not exactly crossing any time zones here! But I am looking forward to a holiday of sorts and chilling out with some friends - yes you heard me right, Emma Chilling!
So the last Wednesday morning ride will be under way in less than an hour. A test ride for George with his new Zipped up rear wheel. Then I guess I better pack the rest of my stuff before taxi 'Ivie' collects me for the airport.
In advance, thanks Ivie for the lift. And Thank YOU RHBee for taking George down for me on Friday. Was not looking forward to lugging him through and out the airport on my own!
Right, I am sure I will post more in Singapore, unless I get so caught up in my R & R that is! So just in case this space goes eerily quiet, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!


sofiantriathlete said...

Good luck Emma

le_runner said...
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le_runner said...

all the best to you and your team at half-IM this weekend. Victor.