Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ON the Beach

Yesterday was my last day of Holiday; back to KL today to start my new job, new training and a whole new chapter. But before that I was going to kick back and chill BIG time. Well chill is probably the wrong verb since burn more accurately describes the colour of my back today! I put cream on, loads of it – oh well – white chicks burn.
I went to Sentosa with a buddy for the day and just hung out. It was a gorgeous day, vivid blue sky, not a lot of people, no jelly fish in the water – it was Bliss. Took the cable car back and rounded up a perfect day with an Indian vege feast and foot massage. Singapore is known for being a shopping paradise and I am very proud to say I did NO shopping only setting foot in the mall to grab a frappe or ice cream or beer. Probably the cheapest Sing trip I have ever had, it is also the most fun Sing trip I have ever had. Roll on next year!

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